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The True UTV-SBI-15 Smart Isolator for UTVs Description

Customer Service 509-991-0385 feel free to call with any questions we actually answer our phone. It’s finally available the unique UTV-SBI-15 from True Amalgamated (TrueAm). All new in 2015 this is the 4th generation and most specifically designed Smart Battery Isolator available for stator charging mechanisms. It features the renowned PEPĀ® programming developed by TrueAm through rigorous field and bench testing. This is currently the only Isolator programming to manage the stator’s output in the most efficient manner possible to provide the UTV enthusiast with guaranteed use of every available amp of charging current to insure your accessory battery’s full capability while preserving and protecting the charge in your primary battery for starting and the vehicles necessary electronic functions. The new unit is built from the ground up for UTVs. Stronger, smaller and a unique case design that allows the unit to be hard mounted as the previous models or left suspended in the cabling. The introduction of the UTV-SBI-15 also reintroduces the option of using the patented 3M Dual LockTM fastener for quick easy mounting on any flat surface including the side or top of the battery itself. When you select the True UTV-SBI-15 you are selecting the best possible way to add that second battery to your UTV. This unit will work on all models of combustion engine UTVs, ATVs and motor cycles. Not only is the design and price improved so is the installation. Simply install the UTV-SBI-15 in a cable between the two positive terminals of your batteries and connect the ground wire and you’re up and running. You can’t install it backwards and with it’s built in surge protection no fuse is required. Fully automatic function and the trademark clear case allows visual confirmation of the indicator light from any angle. Relax and enjoy your ride while True Amalgamated looks after your power management.

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